Online Application

Application Closed

The application is currently closed. The application dates are September 21, 2017 thru December 8, 2017.

Admission Criteria

Applicant and guardian must attend a mandatory information session at the school they are applying.

Be a full-time resident of Monmouth County by the application deadline, except for MAST.

Take the admissions exam on Saturday, January 20, 2018

Criteria for acceptance are:

A) Academic Grades- Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies:

Final Average 7th grade- 15 points

First Marking Period 8th grade- 15 points

B) Admissions Exam:

Math- 35 points

Language Arts- 35 points

TOTAL POSSIBLE: 100 points

Minimum Required to Qualify: 75 points

The highest scoring qualified applicant from each district pool will be offered admission. Qualified applicants are those who meet the minimum standards as outlined above. District pool is the resident public school (excluding regional high school districts) that an applicant resides in at the time of application.